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Premium Koala Plush Toy

Premium Koala Plush Toy

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Get ready for a cuddly adventure down under with our adorable plush koala toy – the perfect companion for your little ones! Meet Kai the Koala, your child's new fuzzy friend who brings the charm of Australia right into their arms. 

Cuteness Level: Over 9000!

Snuggle Factor: 10/10 - Perfect for cosy cuddles.

Fur Fluffiness: Fluffier than a marshmallow cloud.

Hug-ability Index: Maximum huggability guaranteed.

Eucalyptus Leaf Enthusiasm: Kai is a certified eucalyptus aficionado!

Sweet Dreams Assurance: Equipped with the power to bring the sweetest dreams.

*22cm in height

**Kai the Koloa comes vacuumed sealed for easier transportation and may need some fluffing!