• Budget Activity Books (50 Pack) - 35c each

    The price of $17.50 is for 50 activity books.

    Our activity books are A5 size, ensuring that all pages and activities are easy to see and complete.

    Books have a car...

  • DIY Kite
    Take to the skies with your DIY Kite.

    Colour in your kite and give it your personal flair!

    Kit includes all the parts needed to assemble the kite including string as well as 4 fabric ...
  • Scratchy Masks
    Put on your mask and go in disguise!

    Scratch away the black to reveal the bright colours hidden underneath!

    Includes elastic.

    Kit includes stick with rounded ends.
  • Design Your Own Puzzle
    Use your imagination to create an amazing puzzle, which you'll be able to take apart and put back together again!

    This 10cm x 10cm, 12 piece cardboard puzzle has a matte finish and comes wit...
  • DIY Solar Windmill Kit

    This DIY Solar Windmill Kit will exercise both Creative Minds and STEM Enthusiasts. 

    Made from plywood, kids will be able to decorate the windmill with anything, from markers to decoupage...

  • Colour-In Insect Pencil Case
    Includes all the items required to create a personalised Insect Pencil Case.

    The satin finish in the fabric with the black pictures encourages kids to colour in beautifully and doesn't prese...
  • Budget Activity Bags (50 Pack) - 59c each

    The price of $29.50 is for 50 activity bags.

    Our activity bags are A5 size, ensuring that all pages and activities are easy to see and complete.

    Bags have a full-c...

  • Design Your Own Cape (Optional Superhero Felt Mask Kit)


    Become the Super Hero you've always wanted to be, with your personally designed cape.

    Kit includes non-woven material cape and 4 washable texters.

  • Make-It-Mine Beach Ball
    What could be more exciting than designing your own awesome beachball?

    Set Includes 4 coloured markers.

    Plain and Printed Designs Available.
  • Design Your Own Snap Bracelet
    Design and Create your own awesome Snap Band

    Using the texters provided, colour-in your Snap Band and snap it on your wrist to enjoy the fun!

    * 4 Washable Texters Included
    * Packag...
  • Pom Pom Kit


    Kits include extra thick wool (great for Pom Pom making) a cardboard Pom Pom maker, a plastic kid-friendly needle and all the other parts required for Pom Pom making....

  • Colour-In Dinosaur Masks
    Becoming your favourite dinosaur has never before been this fun and easy.

    With these Colour-In Dinosaur Masks, you can create your own land before time.

    Include 4 washable texters.
  • Heart Lunch Box

    Decorate, Colour-In and Personalise your own Lunch Box

    This product has been tested in a laboratory and meets with the all relevant food safety requirements and regulations. Certificate a...

  • Build-A-Kangaroo
    This is one of our most popular activities!

    Kids seem to feel a special connection to their kangaroo after filling it, closing it up and decorating it.

    The kit comes packaged in a ret...
  • DIY Fabric Emoji Pillow
    Everyone in the Funbox offices has been loving the fun, creative (and relaxing!) process of completing their own Emoji Pillows.

    This pillow comes packaged with hundreds of pieces of fabric w...
  • DIY Picture Frame

    Don't let your favorite photos sit in a drawer only to be looked at once in a while!

    Create a picture frame masterpiece to put your favorite photo into - and amaze your friends and family...

  • Kids Colour-Me-In Drink Bottle

    This BPA Free Kids Colour In drink bottle is one of our most popular products!

    Twist off the bottom, pull out the fun colour-in i...

  • DIY Bunny Ears

    Get into the Easter spirit with these cute and crafty DIY Bunny Ears.

    Each set comes individually packaged with all the bits and pieces required to make a gorgeous set of Bunny Ears.

  • Colour-Me-In Hand Puppet

    Puppets are always a huge hit with kids - and what could be better than designing your own puppet?!?!

    * Pack includes 4 washable texters.

    (Some market research.)
    From what we've...

  • Sustainability Activity Bag

    Keep kids entertained, while teaching them about sustainability with this "Love Our World" themed activity bag. 

    The bag has full-colour front with a black and white back to colour in as ...

  • Chef Hat

    Get the mini-Masterchef look right, with this Chef's Hat that is completely customisable. 

    Made from a non-woven fabric, it creates the perfect canvas for kids to create their own, person...

  • Dog Paper Bag Kit

    Get your paws on this Puppy Paper pal. This DIY paper bag kit comes with everything you'll need to transform a simple paper bag in to an adorable dog. 

    Once kids have finished decor...

  • Build-a-Castle

    This amazing provides kids with hours of imaginative fun!

    The cardboard comes flat-packed and includes step-by-step instructions on how to construct the castle. After the castle is built,...

  • Superhero Felt Mask Kit
    Every superhero needs a mask to disguise their real identity!

    Design and create your very own super hero mask - it's time to show the world your super powers!

    Kit comes with one mask ...
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