• DIY Kite
    Take to the skies with your DIY Kite.

    Colour in your kite and give it your personal flair!

    Kit includes all the parts needed to assemble the kite including string as well as 4 fabric ...
  • Design Your Own Puzzle
    Use your imagination to create an amazing puzzle, which you'll be able to take apart and put back together again!

    This 10cm x 10cm, 12 piece cardboard puzzle has a matte finish and comes wit...
  • Scratchy Masks
    Put on your mask and go in disguise!

    Scratch away the black to reveal the bright colours hidden underneath!

    Includes elastic.

    Kit includes stick with rounded ends.
  • Budget Activity Books (250 Pack) - 40c each

    The minimum purchase is 250 which is one full box therefore you will need the quantity added to your cart to be 5. 

    Our activity books are A5 size, ensuring that all page...

  • DIY Percussion Hand Drum

    Back In Stock From November!

    Can't decide on a design for your drum? That's a conundrum.

    Wooden spin drum for kids of all ages to colour in and make some music! 

  • DIY Rubik's Cube

    Puzzle me this - can you get me out of this mess?!

    Colour one side or make a pattern it's up to you! Challenge a friend and see who can solve the Rubik's Cube first. 

    This kit incl...

  • DIY Wooden Boat

    Get ready for some amazing fun with these DIY Wooden Boats that you can design and race!

    You'll have boatloads of fun!

    Kit Includes:

    1 x Boat base

    2 x Pieces that mak...

  • STEM Drawing Bot!

    You'll be nuts & bots to miss out on this NEW and amazing fun Drawing bot!

    Build on your STEM-related programs with educational and unique activities. 

    Kit Includes:

    2 x...

  • Sustainability Activity Bag with 3D glasses and washable markers- Love Our World- Pricing from $1.10

    Keep kids entertained, while teaching them about sustainability with this "Love Our World" themed activity bag. 

    The bag has full-colour front with a black and white back to colour in as ...

  • Design Your Own Snap Bracelet
    Design and Create your own awesome Snap Band

    Using the texters provided, colour-in your Snap Band and snap it on your wrist to enjoy the fun!

    * 4 Washable Texters Included
    * Packag...
  • Colour-In Dinosaur Masks

    Becoming your favourite dinosaur has never before been this fun and easy.

    With these Colour-In Dinosaur Masks, you can create your own land before time.

    Comes in various designs. ...

  • Build-A-Kangaroo
    This is one of our most popular activities!

    Kids seem to feel a special connection to their kangaroo after filling it, closing it up and decorating it.

    The kit comes packaged in a ret...
  • DIY Solar Windmill Kit

    This DIY Solar Windmill Kit will exercise both Creative Minds and STEM Enthusiasts. 

    Made from plywood, kids will be able to decorate the windmill with anything, from markers to decoupage...

  • Bumble Bee Colour-In Mask

    Did you know, bees communicate with each other by dancing? 

    Enjoy this bumblebee mask, while dancing, and finding other fun facts about the humble bumblebee. 

    This mask is made of ...

  • DIY Wrist Sweatband

    Get fit, get active! 

    Colour in some sweatbands for your next workout to keep you sweat-free and cool. 

    Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Wrist bands
    • 1 x Pack 2 fabric marker...
  • Make-It-Mine Beach Ball Kit

    Seas the day and have a ball with your own multicoloured beach ball!

    Kit includes:

    • 1 x Coloured beach ball to decorate (currently available)
    • 1 x 4 pack ...
  • DIY Fabric Emoji Pillow
    Everyone in the Funbox offices has been loving the fun, creative (and relaxing!) process of completing their own Emoji Pillows.

    This pillow comes packaged with hundreds of pieces of fabric w...
  • Colour-In Jungle Pencil Case

    You toucan have an amazing pencil case to show off to your friends! 

    Chill out and use bright colours to make this pencil case POP! 


    1 x Jungle themed pencil case<...

  • Pom Pom Kit


    Kits include extra thick wool (great for Pom Pom making) a cardboard Pom Pom maker, a plastic kid-friendly needle and all the other parts required for Pom Pom making....

  • DIY Herb Head Planting Kit

    Remember the good ole' fashioned Grass Heads!? Now check out the 21st century version with these Herb Heads: an edible, educational, and sustainable activity that will keep kids away from the sc...

  • Budget Activity Bags (250 Pack) - 65c each

    Our activity bags are A5 size, ensuring that all pages and activities are easy to see and complete.

    Box contains 250 units per box.

    Bags have a full-colour front and a blac...

  • Colour-In Insect Pencil Case
    Includes all the items required to create a personalised Insect Pencil Case.

    The satin finish in the fabric with the black pictures encourages kids to colour in beautifully and doesn't prese...
  • Colour In Sun Smart Bucket Hat
    Kids love wearing clothes that they've "designed" themselves and there is no better way to encourage a child to wear a Sun Smart hat than to encourage them to wear their personally designed Sun Sma...
  • Indigenous Clapsticks!

    Create rhythmic sounds when you clap your sticks together but first, blow them up and decorate with special symbols and colourful dots! 

    Clapsticks are traditional 

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