• Magic Scratch Art

    Pictures include (but are not limited to): birthday cake, butterfly with flowers, butterfly with roses, baby rabbit with a carrot, deer with flowers, ship, smiling flower, soaring bird.


  • DIY Fabric Emoji Pillow
    Everyone in the Funbox offices has been loving the fun, creative (and relaxing!) process of completing their own Emoji Pillows.

    This pillow comes packaged with hundreds of pieces of fabric w...
  • Fluffy Teddy Stuffems

    You won't be able to resist these UnBEARably cute Stuffems bears! 

    Dress him up and take him to bed and snuggle. 

    This kit includes:

    • 1 x Bear
    • Stuffing
  • Unicorn Stuffems

    Unicorns are boring said no one ever! Have a magical time making this pink unicorn.

    This kit comes with:

    • 1 x Unicorn 
    • Stuffing
    • 1 x Bandana
    • 1 x card...
  • DIY Scarf Kit

    Rug up and Beat the Winter Chill!

    This Scarf kit comes with 17 pieces of soft, fleece fabric which are threaded into each other to create a 135CM long scarf.

    Comes in brights or mo...

  • Holiday Multi-Purpose Drawstring Bag
    Just in time for the holidays!

    This gorgeous bag is the perfect size to store your towel and bathers in for a trip to the beach.

    Not going to the beach this summer?
    You could also...
  • Colour-In Dream Big Slippers

    Decorate your own slippers!

    Slip your feet into these comfy slippers to keep those tootsies warm! 

    * One size fits all. Up to approx 8 years
    * In...

  • DIY Kaleidoscope Kit!

    Calling all experimenters! Get your science hats on and construct your own Kaleidoscope with this all-inclusive kit. 

  • Air Dry Clay- More stock coming in October

    Create anything your heart desires! From jewellery to animals to rocket ships!

    Great as gifts and suits any event theme. 

    Safe and non-toxic - this clay is made from environmentall...

  • Colour-In Fiddle Cube

    A new favourite at the Funbox headquarters! 

    Colour it in however you like or ever design special characters on each side. 

    Kit includes:

    1 x Fiddle cube

    1 x Pack 4 F...

  • DIY Herb Greenhouse Planting Kit


    It might be hard to herb your enthusiasm but these engaging little greenhouses will be the hit of any event or program! 

    Kids will have a blast growing their own little ...

  • DIY Wooden Weaving Loom Kit

    Learn how to weave with your very own loom kit. 

    Once you have gotten started you can make all sorts of things such as blankets, coasters and wall hangings!

    Once you have the hang ...

  • Dinosaur Draw String Bag - With Markers

    Let your creativity run wild, by decorating this Dinosaur Drawstring Bag. 

    Paired with an eight-pack of permanent markers, that are designed specially for small hands, imaginations will o...

  • Koala Emoji Pillow!

    A new favourite for everyone in the Funbox office! 

    A fun, creative (and relaxing!) process of completing your own Koala Emoji Pillow.

  • Puppy Stuffems

    Get your hands on one of these DIY pups! 

    Jazz him up and he'll be the most pup-ular dog at the park.

    This kit includes:<...

  • Cosy Winter Socks

    Keep your feet warm this Winter with socks that you can design yourself! 

    Kit Includes 

    • 4 non-toxic, washable markers
    • 1 x Pair of ...
  • Spring Flower Press Kit

    Have some fun with your very own flower press kit. 

    Choose whatever plants you like to put in your press to create a beautiful piece of art. 

    Kit Includes:

    All pieces ne...

  • Soft Teddy Stuffems

    You won't be able to resist these UnBEARably cute Stuffems bears! 

    Dress him up and take him to bed and snuggle. 

    This kit includes:

    • 1 x Bear
    • Stuffing
  • DIY Sports Socks

    Keep your feet warm with your very own pair of Footy socks.

    You can design and decorate them any way you like!

    Each kit comes individually packed with 4 non-toxic, washable markers...

  • DIY Basketball Hoop

    This activity is a slam dunk

    Handy suction cups to hang up and stickers to decorate. 

    Kit includes:

    1 x Hoop and backboard

    1 x Mini basketball<...

  • DIY Flower Greenhouse Planting Kit - Watch it grow!


    I beg your garden?! But these engaging little greenhouses will enable little green thumbs to grow their own flowerbed.  

    Kids will have a blast growing their own little ...

  • DIY Stuffems Bunny

    Welcome our Stuffems Bunny to the land of Funboxtopia! 

    Snuggle up to this adorable bunny for the best warm and fuzzies!

    Kit Includes:

    1 x Bunny 

    1 x Material for a b...

  • DIY Vegetable Greenhouse Planting Kit

    Why doesn't Elton John like Lettuce? He's more of a Rocket Man!

    Gain kids interest in their vegetables by getting them to grow their own. 

    Kids will have a blast growing their own ...

  • Australiana 3 in 1 Card Game!

    Enjoy a card game with never-ending entertainment!

    Colour in each specially designed card and then choose which game to play out of Memory, Go Fetch or Snap! 

    Kit Includes:


    Grid List