• Colour In Squishy
    The squishy is the latest craze - Fidget Spinner Take 2!

    Make this sweet panda your own by "fancying" him up.

    Includes a pack of 4 permanent markers.
  • Make Your Own Bouncing Ball
    This Bouncing Ball takes fun to a new level and looks to be our product of the year for 2018!

    Fill the mould with crystals, add a bit of water and wait to dry.

    The result is truly spe...
  • Colour-In Baseball Cap
    Colour-In and wear your personlised Baseball cap!

    - Baseball Cap
    - 4 Washable Texters

    (NB: Washable texter ink will come out in the wash. Use Fabric Markers for a perm...
  • Pack of 4 Washable Texters
    These texters are washable, which means that the ink is non-permanent.

    We tested many, many different types of ink in order to find a type of ink that is easy to clean.
    After a lot of te...
  • Colour-In Dinosaur Masks
    Becoming your favourite dinosaur has never before been this fun and easy.

    With these Colour-In Dinosaur Masks, you can create your own land before time.

    Include 4 washable texters.
  • Scratchy Masks
    Put on your mask and go in disguise!

    Scratch away the black to reveal the bright colours hidden underneath!

    Includes elastic.

    Kit includes stick with rounded ends.
  • DIY Wooden Airplane Kit
    Build Your Own Wooden Airplane and watch the airplane race across the floor while the rotors spin.

    Includes all the part required to make airplane.

    The motors require 2 x AA Batteries...
  • DIY Kite
    Take to the skies with your DIY Kite.

    Colour in your kite and give it your personal flair!

    Kit includes all the parts needed to assemble the kite including string as well as 4 fabric ...
  • Colour In Fidget Spinner
    A creative twist on the much loved, Fidget Spinner.

    Kids will love decorating and colouring in their own Fidget Spinner.
  • DIY Dinosaur Tail (Optional Mask Kit)
    Kit includes a dinosaur tail made from non-woven fabric, stuffing to fill-up the tail and texters to colour-in your completed dinosaur tail.
  • Design Your Own Puzzle
    Use your imagination to create an amazing puzzle, which you'll be able to take apart and put back together again!

    This 10cm x 10cm, 12 piece cardboard puzzle has a matte finish and comes wit...
  • Awesome Baseball Cap
    The Awesome Baseball caps are stunning as is - and even better when coloured-in!

    The printed black design helps kids to keep within the lines and the final, completed cap presents beautifull...