• Colour-In Baseball Cap
    Colour-In and wear your personlised Baseball cap!

    - Baseball Cap
    - 4 Washable Texters

    (NB: Washable texter ink will come out in the wash. Use Fabric Markers for a perm...
  • Colour-In Sporty Pencil Case
    Includes all the items required to create a personalised Sport Pencil Case.

    Sports include: AFL / NRL, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball and Table Tennis.

    The satin finish in the fabr...
  • Funbox Frisbee
    Decorate and then play with your own super-cool Frisbee.

    - 23cm Yellow Frisbee
    - 4 Washable Texters
    - Individually Packaged in Retail Packaging
  • Sports Activity Bag with Activity Sheets, Markers and 3D Glasses
    This sports themed activity bag includes:
    - A full-colour front with a black and white back to colour in
    - 4 washable texters (The ink from the texters will wash off very easily!)
    - 3D Gla...
  • Make-It-Mine Beach Ball
    What could be more exciting than designing your own awesome beachball?

    Set Includes 4 coloured markers.

    Plain and Printed Designs Available.
  • Sporty Wooden Bag Tag
    When children play a sport there is nothing that can compare to them having their number or team colors on a keepsake.

    With this bag tag children can recreate their own sports jumper and sh...
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