Latest Arrivals

  • Dog Paper Bag Kit

    Get your paws on this paper puppy pal. This DIY paper bag kit comes with everything you'll need to transform a simple paper bag into an adorable dog. 

    Once kids have finished decora...

  • DIY Herb Greenhouse Planting Kit

    It might be hard to herb your enthusiasm but these engaging little greenhouses will be the hit of any event or program! 

    Kids will have a blast growing their own little garden an...

  • Fluffy Teddy Stuffems

    You won't be able to resist these UnBEARably cute Stuffems bears! 

    Dress him up and take him to bed and snuggle. 

    This kit includes:

    • 1 x Bear
    • Stuffing
  • Sustainable Sandwich Keeper kit

    A must-have for every lunchbox! 

    A unique spin on your traditional sandwich bags. First, you get to colour your Eco-friendly sandwich bag with your favourite colours then you get to s...

  • Colour-In Be Happy Pencil Case

    A brand new design made to make kids happy! 

    Get colouring and share the smiles with your friends. 

    This pencil case comes with a pack of 4 washable markers. 

  • DIY Herb Head Planting Kit

    Remember the good ole' fashioned Grass Heads!? Now check out the 21st century version with these Herb Heads: an edible, educational, and sustainable activity that will keep kids away from the sc...

  • Eco Friendly DIY Bird House Kit

    Start with an unassembled corrugated cardboard house, which you can assemble, decorate, paint or modify, however you want! 

    Give your house your own style. Grab some g...

  • Colour-In Robot Mask

    Children will love colouring in these pre-cut cardboard robot masks and wearing them. 

    Great for pretend play and themed events! 

    Kit includes:

    • 1 x robot mask kit
    • ...
  • Colour-In Jungle Pencil Case

    You toucan have an amazing pencil case to show off to your friends! 

    Chill out and use bright colours to make this pencil case POP! 


    1 x Jungle themed pencil case<...

  • Colour-In Pet Waste Bag Holder

    This paw-some activity is sure to keep your pet looking stylish on walks around the neighbourhood! 

    This product comes in retail packaging. 

    Kit includes:

    1 x P...

  • Spring Flower Press Kit

    Have some fun with your very own flower press kit. 

    Choose whatever plants you like to put in your press to create a beautiful piece of art. 

    Kit Includes:

    All pieces ne...

  • DIY Wooden Weaving Loom Kit - Mid November

    Email to pre-order

    Learn how to weave with your very own loom kit. 

    Once you have the hang of it, you can...

  • DIY Bat & Ball Kit

    Get creative! You could make it a target for some great competitions or make a fun design. 

    Kit includes:

    1 x Plain wooden  bat with attached ball

    1 x Pack 4 washable marker...

  • Air Dry Clay

    Create anything your heart desires! From jewellery to animals to rocket ships!

    Great as gifts and suits any event theme. 

    Safe and non-toxic - this clay is made from environmentall...

  • Craft Crate Kit

    This Craft Crate is a ready-to-decorate Eco-friendly cardboard crate with so many uses and suits many themes! 

    A4 in size

    * Bulk discounts apply


    They can be sup...

  • DIY Binoculars Kit

    DIY  Binoculars Kit

    SO fun and easy to make— just unfold and decorate these unique binoculars any way you want! 

    Each kit comes with plastic lenses ...

  • Indigenous Clapsticks!

    Create rhythmic sounds when you clap your sticks together but first, blow them up, design and decorate with special symbols and colourful dots! 

    Clapsticks are traditional 

  • DIY Projector

    Teaches kids about lenses and the way that light bends.

    Kids can build the projector and then write or draw something on the slide and watch it get projected onto the wall (or another oth...

  • DIY Pirate Hat and Eye Patch!

    Ahoy me mateys! ARRR you ready to go on a treasure hunt?! Then first make your pirate hat and eye patch and get ready for a swashbuckling adventure! 

    Kit includes:

    1 x Themed stick...

  • DIY Hula Hoop Kit

    Lets get those hips moving with our new DIY Hula Hoop kits! 

    Build it and decorate it with fun stickers and start twisting your hips! 

    Who can go for the longest?

  • DIY Solar Flower Kit

    This DIY Solar Flower Kit will exercise both Creative Minds and STEM Enthusiasts. 

    Made from plywood, kids will be able to decorate the solar flower with anything, from markers to decoupa...

  • STEM Drawing Bot!

    You'll be nuts & bots to miss out on this NEW and amazing fun Drawing bot!

    Build on your STEM-related programs with educational and unique activities. 

    Kit Includes:

    2 x...

  • DIY Flower Head Planting Kit

    Remember the good ole' fashioned Grass Heads!? Check out the 21st century version with these Flower Heads: educational, sustainable, and beautiful activity that will keep kids away from the scre...

  • DIY Ferris Wheel Kit

    Make your world go around with this awesome DIY Ferris Wheel of fun! 

    Decorate and colour it in and spin that wheel right round. 

    This kit includes:

    • Ferris Wheelbase
    Grid List