• Outta Space Foil Art Activity Pack
    This is a fantastic and mess-free activity for kids of all ages.

    It works on the same concept as Sand Art, easy to do with an amazing end result!

    All you do is peel off each sticker, ...
  • Rocket Ship Pencil Case
    The satin finish in the fabric with the black pictures encourages kids to colour in beautifully and doesn't present with a messy looking product even if the kids colour 'out the lines'.

  • Eco Friendly DIY Bird House Kit

    Start with an unassembled corrugated cardboard house, which you can assemble, decorate, paint or modify, however you want! 

    Give your house your own style. Grab some g...

  • Wooden DIY Money Box House
    7 Piece Wooden Money Box House

    * Size: 13 (H) x 10 (W) x 10CM (L)
    * 4 piece Chimney
    * 4 Washable Texters
    * 1 Sheet of "Garden" stickers
  • Colour-In Monster Pillow Activity
    This super cute 3 eyed monster is great for cuddling and makes the perfect "bed pet".

    The pack includes:
    - 4 fabric markers. (These markers have permanent ink and the colouring-in won't d...
  • Assorted Stickers - $10 for pack of 50

    Add your own creative touch to your craft projects, with an assortment of stickers. 

    Some themes include:

    • Christmas
    • Vegetables
    • Fruit
    • Jewish Celebra...
  • Magic Planet Scratchy

    Get outta this world with a planet scratchy.

    Make up a story of who lives on this planet and share it with your friends! 

    This kit includes:

    1 x Planet Scratchy

    1 x S...

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