Plywood Products

  • Wooden Snakes and Ladders Kids Activity Set
    This Activity Set comes with all the items needed to create a personalised Snakes and Ladders Game.

    Personalise your own Snakes and Ladders Game!

    - Kid's safe plywood boa...
  • Wooden Tic Tac Toe
    Made out of, kid friendly, safe plywood.

    Decorate and then play your own game of Tic Tac Toe!
  • DIY Wooden Colour in Plane Set

    Who doesn't love a plane?

    Each set comes with its own stand and texters.

    Kids love to have the plane as a keepsake to place on their shelf or next to ...

  • Colour-In Christmas Tree - Bulk Discounts Available
    An exciting, great-quality, Wooden DIY Christmas activity set. Gorgeous to colour in, decorate and make it your own.

    Perfect as a decoration tree for next to your child's bed to add to the C...
  • Wooden Star Spinning Top
    This Activity Set comes with all the items required to create a personalised spinning top.

    Kids: Colour-In, construct and spin your personalised spinning top!

    - Kid's saf...
  • Penguin Bag Tag Set
    Children always have a certain fascination with the artic, and one of the most adorable animals you can find living among the snow is the penguin.

    Kids love creating their own penguin that ...
  • Build Your Own Money Box
    This Build Your Own Money Box is not only a fun, creative and constructive activity but when finished, is a beautiful Money Box that your children are sure to be proud of.

    A brilliant way to...
  • Bunny Bag Tag Set
    Children adore animals and one that always seems to catch their eye is the ever adorable bunny.

    Kids can craft their favourite little creature with this plywood bag tag.

    The best pa...
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