• DIY Rubik's Cube

    Puzzle me this - can you get me out of this mess?!

    Colour one side or make a pattern it's up to you! Challenge a friend and see who can solve the Rubik's Cube first. 

    This kit incl...

  • DIY Bat & Ball Kit

    Get creative! You could make it a target for some great competitions or make a fun design. 

    Kit includes:

    1 x Plain wooden  bat with attached ball

    1 x Pack 4 washable marker...

  • Poppit Fidget Toys

    Join the craze with these addictive Pop Its! 

    Comes in a variety of colours and shapes. Ask us! 

    *Limited stock of each design*

  • Australiana 3 in 1 Card Game!

    Enjoy a card game with never-ending entertainment!

    Colour in each specially designed card and then choose which game to play out of Memory, Go Fetch or Snap! 

    Kit Includes:


  • Pica-Pair Colour-In Card Game

    Pica-Pair is a card game that you can make your own!
    There are 30 pictures which you can colour-in to complete the cards.
    (The game can be played even if these 30 pictures are not colour...

  • Christmas Poppit Fidget Toys

    Pre-order for September*

    (If you order along with items in stock you may be charged an extra shipping cost- feel free to email your order to


  • Pica-Pair ABC Matching Game

    Pica-Pair ABC has been designed by a team of qualified educators and occupational therapists to be a fun and educational way for kids to familiarise themselves and learn the alphabet.

  • Memory Card Board Game

    Memory Board Card Game

    4 mix designs 

    A Full box box comes with 24 Set

    • Glove & Ball game kit

      A fun game of catch with a strong velcro grip! 

      Get active and grab a friend to play catch with. 

      Kit includes:

      1 x Pair of gloves (come in a variety of colours. Ask us!)

    • Velcro Dart Board - Sea Animals

      A beautiful soft fibre dartboard that helps improve kids gross and fine motor skills! Perfect for team play or a party game.


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