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  • Colour Me In Unicorn Backpack
    The mystical unicorn has always been a creature of wonder and mystery, making this backpack a huge hit with kids.

    The unicorn's mane is made from shiny purple glitter and should not rub off....
  • Heart Pencil Case
    The satin finish in the fabric with the black pictures encourages kids to colour in beautifully and doesn't present with a messy looking product even if the kids colour 'out the lines'.

  • Awesome Pencil Case
    The Awesome pencil case is one of our best selling products.

    It is always a HUGE hit with kids and after it is completed, kids love putting their stationary in it and taking it to school.
  • Colour Me In Smiley Backpack - From $2.95
    Encourage kids to be creative and colour in their very own backpack!

    The very cool Smiley backpack, is definitely one that kids are going to love.
    * Size: Approx. 29cm (H) x 22cm (W) x 9 ...
  • Colour-In Sporty Pencil Case
    Includes all the items required to create a personalised Sport Pencil Case.

    Sports include: AFL / NRL, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball and Table Tennis.

    The satin finish in the fabr...
  • Swirl Pencil Case
    Includes all the items required to create a personalised Pencil Case.

    The concept of this pencil case is based on the new and very popular concept - Calm Colouring.

    The satin finish i...
  • Colour-In Baseball Cap
    Colour-In and wear your personlised Baseball cap!

    - Baseball Cap
    - 4 Washable Texters

    (NB: Washable texter ink will come out in the wash. Use Fabric Markers for a perm...
  • Super Cute Shoe Colour-In Keyring
    This is by far one of the most unique crafts we have!

    This tiny shoe has a wild pattern on it that kids adore colouring in.

    With four washable markers children can turn this printed...
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