Bag Tags/Keyrings

  • Super Cute Shoe Colour-In Keyring
    This is by far one of the most unique crafts we have!

    This tiny shoe has a wild pattern on it that kids adore colouring in.

    With four washable markers children can turn this printed...
  • House Bag Tag Set
    One thing that every child loves to draw is their home, because it’s something that they love and know so well.

    Children will love the chance to turn this plywood bag tag into their persona...
  • Dinosaur Bag Tag Set
    This bag tag would is one ferocious addition to any child’s backpack or luggage!

    There is nothing that is more fun to a kid than creating their very own version of the beast that walked the...
  • Amazing Koala Foil Art Bag Tag
    A totally new and amazing concept!

    This cuddly looking animal is a favourite among children. The foil art sheets that come with this activity pack are easy to apply and virtually mess free. ...
  • Kangaroo Bag Tag Set
    Every Aussie child is familiar with this marsupial.

    Kid's imaginations soar when it comes to colouring in this magnificent animal.

    The best part about these bag tags are that they a...
  • Koala Bag Tag
    There are few animals more cuddly and lovable than the koala!

    Kids will be so excited for the chance to customize their very own bag tag and create their own look for a koala bear.

  • Amazing Owl Foil Art Bag Tag
    A totally new and amazing concept!

    When going to school (and travelling,) children always need a bag tag so they can easily find their bag, and this tag will be one that children are proud t...
  • Amazing Dinosaur Foil Art Bag Tag
    A totally new and amazing concept!

    With this craft, the ferocious beast of the prehistoric past can be turned into a shimmering token for a child to label their bag. This activity is practic...
  • Amazing Penguin Foil Art Bag Tag
    A totally new and amazing concept!

    Among children, one of the most popular animals is the penguin. They are simply adorable and kids can’t seem to get enough of them. With this activity you ...
  • Kite Wooden Bag Tag
    With this bag tag you can have all the fun of a high-flying kite adventure anywhere you go.

    This amazing bag tag set is great for both boys and girls!

    The set includes:
    * 4mm thick...
  • Sporty Wooden Bag Tag
    When children play a sport there is nothing that can compare to them having their number or team colors on a keepsake.

    With this bag tag children can recreate their own sports jumper and sh...
  • Bunny Bag Tag Set
    Children adore animals and one that always seems to catch their eye is the ever adorable bunny.

    Kids can craft their favourite little creature with this plywood bag tag.

    The best pa...