1000 Pieces

  • Brighton Beach Boxes 1000pc
    Enjoy putting together Brighton Beach Boxes, a row of uniformly proportioned wooden structures lining the foreshore at Brighton Beach! It is one of Victoria’s most iconic beachscape with artis...
  • Holiday Days: Caravanning - 1000 Piece

    Completing Holiday Days Caravanning is such a great way to escape from the stresses and strains of th...
  • Across the Yarra 1000pc
    A beautiful view of the Melbourne Skyline taken from across the Yarra!
    • A beautiful view of the Melbourne Skyline taken f...
  • Fantasy Forest 1000 Pieces
    A bright and beautiful fantasy scene filled with foresty fairy folk. If you love magical beings, this puzzle is perfect for you!
    • Premium...
  • Surf Is Up! Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces
    Amazing above and below the wave scene. A great reminder of how awesome summer is!
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Each piece's s...
  • Burano Canals 1000pc

    Burano is one of the Venice islands. It's known for its brightly-colored fishermen's houses!
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle<...
  • Paree, Paree Part II Jigsaw 1000pc
    The second installment of our popular Paree Paree range. It shows a gorgeous view of the most romantic city in the world!
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puz...
  • Finding Flinders - 1000 Pieces
    Melbourne’s iconic railway station where tourists and Melbournians take a train for outer-Melbourne explorations, tour to learn about the history of the grand building and see the changing exh...
  • Paree, Paree Part I Jigsaw 1000 Pieces

    The first installment of our popular Paree Paree range. It shows ...
  • But You Can Only Choose One! 1000pc
    These shelves are filled with the most amazing magical books, potions, drops and much more. The only problem is - you can only buy one!
  • Uluru Sunset Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces
    Uluro is said to be the real heart of The Land Down Under. It is a place where the ground is red, the sun is hot, and the night shines with millions of stars. It is found in the Uluru-Kata Tju...
  • The 12 Apostles Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces
    The 12 Apostles is the after-work activity you never knew you needed! Funbox wants you to enjoy putting together this break-taking, dramatic image of Victoria’s most famous rock formations! Yo...
  • Nature's Window - Western Australia 1000 Pieces
    Nature's Window found in the Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia!
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Each piece's shape is uni...
  • 2020 Time Capsule 1000 Pieces

    2020 was the year of masks, hand sanitizer, holiday cancellation, and of course, a lack of toilet paper!

    As Aussies, we always try to find ...

  • Perfect Places: The Mountain View Jigsaw 1000 Pieces

    Take a little bit of the mountains home with you with our Perfect Places: The Mountain View jigsaw puzzle. As you fit each ...
  • Gold Coast Skyline 1000 Pieces
    Boasting a glittering skyline, glamorous nightlife, and a golden sweep of sand. This is the best view of the Gold Coast’s Skyline that you’ll ever see!...
  • Perfect Places: The Forest Jigsaw 1000 Pieces

    The Forest provides a sense of calmness. It reflects the soothing colors of the leaves, plants, sound of the animals at pea...
  • Disko Bay - Greenland 1000 Pieces
    This puzzle is sure to be framed and hung on many a wall!
    • Amazing Greenland Scenery
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Each...
  • Holiday Days: Camping - 1000 Piece

    Do you want to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature? Complete our Holiday Days...
  • Perfect Places: The Lighthouse 1000 Pieces

    This jigsaw puzzle is so relaxing to do! As you wind down and work on The Lighthouse, imagine yourself connecting with natu...
  • There's Nowhere I'd Rather Be Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces
    A comfy relaxing space - there's nowhere I'd rather be!
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Each piece's shape is unique
    • Matt finish. Avoi...
  • Dogs, Dogs, Dogs 1000 Pieces
    It’s all of your favorite dogs in a Jigsaw puzzle! Thank us later :)
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Each piece's shape is unique
    • Matt...
  • Sublime Sydney 1000pc
    An amazing view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge!
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Each piece's shape is unique
  • Moeraki Boulders - New Zealand 1000 Pieces
    The amazing Moeraki Boulders found in South East New Zealand!
    • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Each piece's shape is unique
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