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Our Story

Funbox is a family owned business with our head office based in Melbourne.

We started the business as we realised there was a massive need in the wider community for more fun, exciting and educational craft kits which could be used in businesses, kids programs and events. These activities needed to be a little more exciting than the general craft kits available. Our team has worked hard to create and design unique and exciting kids crafts and giveaways that really add that extra element of excitement to any kids’ experience! Our aim is to provide these kits at low pricing while still keeping premium quality.

A bit about what we do and how we do it:

Each craft kit comes individually packaged with everything needed for that activity- this is to make things as easy as possible when it gets to you.

Being eco friendly is front of mine and vital in everything we do! Re-sealable and recyclable packaging works really well and also allows for less mess, less waste and easy pack-up!

  • All of our kits are easy to distribute with minimal staff supervision required.
  • All our products are designed and developed by a professional team of teachers, occupational therapists and educators in Australia.
  • All our products are kids-safe and meet with strict Australian standards.
  • We have a large range of products on hand with new activities added regularly to keep things exciting and stay on trend.

Our awesome team is also here to work together with you to create unique, bespoke and customised activities for your next event!

Our mission is to empower businesses and companies by exciting and delighting their little customers and elevating their total customer experience. We do this by providing fun, meaningful, creative and educational activities and craft kits to kids Australia wide!