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DIY CNY Red Envelope Kit - Year of the Dragon

DIY CNY Red Envelope Kit - Year of the Dragon

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The Dragon is a powerful and mythical creature in Chinese folklore, often associated with strength, courage, and good fortune. It is believed to bring luck and prosperity to those born in its year!

Get Lucky with our Chinese Lucky Red Packet Kit, celebrating the Year Of The Dragon!

Kids can design and decorate their very own red envelopes, traditionally used to give money and good wishes during the Chinese New Year and other special occasions. 

But it's not just about the fun of crafting – red envelopes are also said to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits. So not only will kids have a blast making these lucky packets, they'll also be spreading positivity and good vibes to their friends and family.

Order our DIY Chinese Lucky Red Packet Kit today and give kids the gift of creativity and good luck all year round!

 Pack includes:

  • Red Envelope
  • Stickers
  • Chinese Good Luck Symbol/ text

Each kit is individually packaged.