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Colour-Me-In Indigenous Lunch Box by Iesha Wyatt

Colour-Me-In Indigenous Lunch Box by Iesha Wyatt

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This design incorporates a sense of commuity, belonging and fun and friendships at school!

Designed by our awesome Iesha Wyatt! 

Pack your lunch in the coolest, most eco-friendly way – the Indigenous style! Meet our exclusive Lunchbox Hero Kit, crafted by Indigenous artist Iesha Wyatt, especially for the groovy kids who love our planet!

This kit isn't just a lunchbox; it's a superhero in disguise, fighting off those pesky single-use plastics! Made with love for Mother Earth, it's more than just a lunch container – it's a lesson in being eco-awesome. Imagine little heroes learning the magic of reusable choices and becoming Earth-saving champions!

But hold on, the fun doesn't stop there! Kids can unleash their inner artists and jazz up their lunchbox with the vibrant markers included in the kit. It's not just about saving the Earth; it's about turning lunchtime into a colourful, creative adventure!

And guess what? Our Lunchbox Hero isn't limited to just sandwiches; it's a versatile warrior! It snugly hugs your snacks, cradles your fruits, and keeps your veggies fresh. Plus, it's the perfect home for all your tasty treasures. So, let's wrap up a world of fun and eco-consciousness – because being green has never been this deliciously awesome! 🌱🎨🥪

*This range also includes a Colour-In Backpack, Colour-In Pencil Case, Colour-In Drawstring Bag and Sustainable Sandwich Keeper Kit