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Dragon Stuffems

Dragon Stuffems

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The Dragon is a powerful and mythical creature in Chinese folklore, often associated with strength, courage, and good fortune. It is believed to bring luck and prosperity to those born in its year!

Unleash your inner dragon tamer with our fantastical and easy DIY Dragon Stuffems Kit!

Embark on a roaring adventure as you craft your very own mythical companion. Perfect for dragon enthusiasts of all ages, this kit features plush and huggable fabric, making the creation of your scaly friend a delightful experience.

Inside the kit, you'll discover:

1 x Dragon Stuffem

1 x Stylish Bandana & a Cardboard Heart for personalisation

2 x Magical double-sided tape

4 x Washable Colourful Markers for adding vibrant touches

Get ready to bring your dragon dreams to life and embark on a cuddly quest with this enchanting DIY kit! 🐉✨