• Heart Pencil Case
    The satin finish in the fabric with the black pictures encourages kids to colour in beautifully and doesn't present with a messy looking product even if the kids colour 'out the lines'.

  • Awesome Pencil Case
    The Awesome pencil case is one of our best selling products.

    It is always a HUGE hit with kids and after it is completed, kids love putting their stationary in it and taking it to school.
  • Colour Me In Smiley Backpack
    Encourage kids to be creative and colour in their very own backpack!

    The very cool Smiley backpack, is definitely one that kids are going to love.
    * Size: Approx. 29cm (H) x 22cm (W) x 9 ...
  • Colour-In Sporty Pencil Case
    Includes all the items required to create a personalised Sport Pencil Case.

    Sports include: AFL / NRL, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball and Table Tennis.

    The satin finish in the fabr...
  • Swirl Pencil Case
    Includes all the items required to create a personalised Pencil Case.

    The concept of this pencil case is based on the new and very popular concept - Calm Colouring.

    The satin finish i...
  • Pack of 4 Washable Texters
    These texters are washable, which means that the ink is non-permanent.

    We tested many, many different types of ink in order to find a type of ink that is easy to clean.
    After a lot of te...
  • Super Cute Shoe Colour-In Keyring
    This is by far one of the most unique crafts we have!

    This tiny shoe has a wild pattern on it that kids adore colouring in.

    With four washable markers children can turn this printed...
  • Colour-In iPad Bag Activity
    Design and colour-in your own iPad bag.

    The bag can also be used for other tablets and as a big pencil case!

    The pack includes 4 washable texters. (That means that the ink in these t...
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