Pack of 4 Washable Texters

Pack of 4 Washable Texters

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These texters are washable, which means that the ink is non-permanent.

We tested many, many different types of ink in order to find a type of ink that is easy to clean.
After a lot of testing, on many different surfaces and fabrics, we believe that we have found that ink!

On most surfaces the ink can be wiped off easily and will not stain.
The ink will also come out of most fabrics when the fabric is put through a normal washing cycle.

Texters come packaged in packs of 4.

Colours: Red, Light Blue, Green and Orange.

The ink in these texters is non-toxic and the texters have passed the EN71-123 standard, which ensures that both the texters and the ink itself is safe for children 3 years and older. Please ask for the certification if you require it.